Be a Catalyst for Change at Living Earth Expo!

Are you a passionate advocate for a sustainable future? Do you have valuable insights, innovative solutions, or practical expertise to share? The Living Earth Expo on 28 October 2023 at the Waldorf School is your platform to make a difference.

Calling Exhibitors: If you’re a pioneer in sustainable products, technologies, or initiatives, we invite you to showcase your innovations at our event. With up to 60 stalls available, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with an audience of change-makers and environmentally conscious individuals.

Inspire with Talks: Do you have a compelling story, research findings, or visionary ideas to contribute? Our Breakout room presentation slots are open for those who want to share their knowledge and ignite discussions around sustainability. Spark inspiration, provoke thoughts, and drive action through your words.

Lead Practical Workshops: Hands-on experience can drive real change. If you’re an expert in fields like tree planting, urban gardening, composting, or biochar, we encourage you to host one of our practical workshops. Empower participants with actionable skills and strategies to make a positive impact.

Volunteer We’re looking for dedicated volunteers to make this event a true success. Your enthusiasm and energy can make a world of difference. We’re keen to work with passionate social media guru’s and bloggers, videographers, photographers, writers, marketers and helpers for the day.

How to Participate: Your expertise is invaluable, and we’re excited to have you on board. Whether you’re an exhibitor, a speaker, or a workshop leader, your contribution matters in shaping a more sustainable Namibia.

Click Here to Become an Exhibitor, Speaker, Volunteer or Workshop Leader

Seize the Opportunity: By getting involved in the Living Earth Expo, you’re not just participating in an event – you’re becoming part of a movement that’s driving change. Together, we can create a greener, healthier future for Namibia.

Bold Ideas. Bright Future. Contribute to Living Earth Expo Today!