Shining a Light on Sustainability

Olusheno Sales & Distribution (Pty) Ltd at The Living Earth Expo

In the heart of Namibia, a remarkable transformation is underway, driven by the unwavering commitment of a group of extraordinary individuals. The Living Earth Expo stands as a testament to their collective dedication to creating a brighter, more sustainable future for all. Within this passionate group of change-makers lies Olusheno Sales & Distribution (Pty) Ltd, a pioneering solar energy company that is revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape in Namibia.

Empowering Namibians, One Solar Panel at a Time

At the core of Olusheno’s mission is a simple yet profound goal: to provide safe and affordable off-grid electricity to under-served communities across Namibia. The beauty of their approach lies in its affordability; families can fully own their home lighting kits within a year, thanks to the incredibly low weekly payment of just 80 Namibian dollars. This payment is significantly less than what families typically spend on candles, paraffin, batteries, and phone charging at the corner shop.

The benefits are immense, children have the light they need for studying at night, local shops can extend their operating hours, families are safer in well-lit environments, and the risk of shack fires caused by fallen candles is dramatically reduced. Moreover, by reducing the reliance on paraffin, Olusheno contributes to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions, helping combat climate change.

A Vision Beyond Profit

As a social enterprise Olusheno Sales & Distribution (Pty) Ltd transcends the realm of business interests. Their commitment to sustainability and social impact is evident in their pivotal role as one of the Key Exhibitors and Sponsors of The Living Earth Expo. Notably, CEO Immo Böhm’s leadership as the chair of the organizing committee underscores Olusheno’s unwavering dedication to the cause of creating a better world for all.

While Immo and Olusheno generously contribute resources to the Expo, their focus extends far beyond these individual efforts. Olusheno’s primary mission remains the provision of clean, affordable energy to Namibians in need. The Expo serves as a platform to showcase their work and inspire others to join the renewable energy revolution, addressing not only energy poverty but also tackling complex social problems such as sanitation with similar self-sustaining social enterprise business models.

A Sustainable Future for All

In a world grappling with climate change and energy crises, Olusheno Sales & Distribution (Pty) Ltd shines as a beacon of hope. Their dedication to bringing sustainable energy solutions to the people of Namibia is commendable. By addressing the urgent need for off-grid electricity and making it accessible to all, Olusheno is contributing significantly to a brighter, cleaner, and more equitable future.

As we come together at The Living Earth Expo, aptly described as a “community innovation festival,” on October 28, 2023, let’s celebrate the transformative impact of Olusheno Sales & Distribution (Pty) Ltd on energy accessibility and sustainability in Namibia. It’s not just about lighting up homes; it’s about brightening futures, nurturing entrepreneurship, and fostering a more sustainable and abundant world for all. Join us in this inspiring journey towards a greener, brighter, and more equitable future at The Living Earth Expo. Together, we will make a difference. See you there!


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