to the home of the Living Earth Expo in Namibia

The Living Earth Expo is a project by the Living Earth Projects Voluntary Association. The first expo was held on 28 October 2023 at the Waldorf School in Windhoek. With 60+ exhibitors, 47 talks and lots of activites the expo was a great success, brining together role players of all walks of life to share ideas and make connections.

The next expo is planned for April 2024. Subscribe to our newsletter below to keep up to date :).

A short video about the Living Earth Expo.


Discover the wonders of sustainable eating at our expo! Permaculture and organic farming practices showcase how food can be grown in harmony with nature, by anyone, anywhere on any budget. Learn about regenerative agriculture techniques that rejuvenate soil health and biodiversity. From farm to fork, explore how embracing these practices can lead to healthier, tastier, and more resilient food systems..


Dive into the world of water conservation through the lens of sustainable living. Explore innovative strategies that permaculture offers to harness rainwater, prevent erosion, and restore aquatic ecosystems while growing abundant healthy, tasty good food. Join us to uncover how responsible water management can truly be a source of life.


Welcome to the realm of eco-friendly affordable housing and shelter solutions! Learn about permaculture-inspired designs that integrate seamlessly with the environment, utilizing natural materials and energy-efficient techniques. Explore sustainable construction practices that prioritize minimal environmental impact with community led financing options. Step into a world where community friendly living spaces harmonize with the Earth’s resources.


Embark on a journey through renewable energy possibilities! Find out how Namibia could be Net Zero fast, while earning money for every one of us! Join us to witness the power of clean energy and its vital role in regenerating our planet. Explore Electric cars and learn about upcoming fast charging stations!


Step into the heart of collaboration and collective action at our expo! Just as ecosystems thrive through harmonious interactions, our journey towards regeneration and sustainable living requires united efforts. Explore how coordination among individuals, communities, and organizations can amplify the impact of permaculture, organic farming, and sustainable living practices. Witness how shared knowledge, resources, and expertise can create abundance for all, fostering a world where both humanity and nature thrive. Join us to discover the power of coordinated action in creating a sustainable and regenerative future that benefits everyone.